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Originally Posted by braindeadalive View Post
It's not out of this world to compare Jeff Carter to O'Sullivan and look at the payday Carter got.

Jeff Carter (23 years old, C/W)
2007-08 82 29-24-53 +6
New contract? $15,000,000 for 3 seasons ($5,000,000 per).

Patrick O'Sullivan (23 years old, W/C)
2007-08 82 22-31-53 -8
Supposed asked starting point? $4,000,000 per.

Yes Carter has 2 more full seasons under his belt, but last year's 53 point season is pretty comparable and I wouldn't be surprised if O'Sullivan's agent has brought up Carter multiple times.
Philadelphia overpays (like always), so the Kings should too?

Originally Posted by sueroe View Post
and that would definitely support the numbers in the range of the Backes contract and as i said before Lombardi specifically pointed out how important the Backes offer sheet was when he was talking about the numbers they had in mind for O'Sullivan. This definitely is too low imo, but what is more significant is Lombardi has even discussed how it is important that they get this one right. It definitely has an impact on where negotiations will start with Kopitar and Johnson. I think Morris is also representing Kopitar, and so Morris is also negotiating O'Sullivan with his next contract in mind. So i have been wondering if this is bigger than O'Sullivan right now. Is he stuck in the middle of this? I wonder what pressure he might be feeling. Does he cave and then feel like he has screwed over his team mate and more so one of his best friends in respect to bargaining position.

The other thing is the decision to hold him out of camp. I have supported this decision that Dean has made to now, and certainly it is one way to go. On the flip side though we know this kid had every intention to show up at camp. A week prior to camp POS is talking to one of our posters, discussing how it is time they step up, support the rookies, etc, total intention on being on the ice and being a King. Dean says usually when they are this far apart they aren't talking, but they are so this is a good thing.

So....Dean takes him off roster, off camp roster, tells him he is not on the "ship", and makes a statement in the media how others can be inspired to fill his spot. At the same time he says I got to meet with the player to tell him its nothing personal! Actions are much bigger than words, and i just wonder if what he thought might happen back fired and he has now backed the kid into a corner. Had he had him in camp, on the ice, within his influence, and talking, perhaps this would have had a more positive result. Again complete speculation on my part, just offering a different perspective. I am tired of thinking about it lol! It is maybe too late anyway.
When did Lombardi say this?

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