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09-25-2008, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by hans View Post
If O'Sullivan had a second year in the NHL I bet this would have been resolved earlier, because every year counts as far as Lombardi and contracts go.
This is why overall I feel a little more confident about Kopitar and Johnson's contracts getting done properly. Obviously this bullcrap dragging out will make them a bit more painful, but Kopitar will have had 3 years of being an absolute badass, Johnson one above average year and what looks to be an impressive year, with (crossing my fingers) a huge improvement in points (~40?). We do see a problem with Lombardi ponying up for potential but we also see a large willingness to pay for past performance. I would think that positively Kopitar and a little less so Johnson, will have proven themselves enough. Especially since they haven't had the attitude problems that Lombardi felt it necessary to point out to Hammond.

So since most of us can agree that while we may love Sully, he isn't going to make or break this team in terms of on ice performance. He makes us better. He's good enough to net some nice value in a proper trade.

I still want him signed more than anyone, and all this trade talk agitates the junk out of me, but hopefully because of this key potential/consistent performance issue that seems to be clogging up the gears here, really won't be a big issue when it comes to Kopitar and Johnson.

If this is true, things with Frolov could be looking up as well, barring any persistent injuries that cause him to miss a bunch of games these next two seasons, otherwise we might see something like the Gaborik stalemate. Certainly the way Fro's PPG has improved steadily, by the end of his contract he should be well worth 5-6 million, even in Lombardi's eyes. The evidence is there with Handsuz' and Stoll's contracts. If DL thinks they are worth $3.6-4 while putting up an average of 40-50 points. If Frolov can hit 30 goals once more and atleast close to it the other season, play 70+ games each of those years, I see no reason why Lombardi would have this same problem with O'Sullivan. Crossing my fingers. I'm a big DL supporter, but he does like to throw some curve balls out there.

This all sucks so frigging bad, but hopefully it will only suck for now and not redirect this team, yet again.

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