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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Philadelphia overpays (like always), so the Kings should too?

When did Lombardi say this?
Didn't mean to imply that Lombardi said he was looking at the Backes contract as the number for O'Sullivan, rather that it came up as an important offer sheet when discussing the numbers. That is what i get for posting after and office party!

Then I asked about Patrick O'Sullivan, and whether the big money given to young players would have a negative impact on the Kings' ability to sign him...

``No, we had kind of adjusted for that, going in, when we did our projections. I don't think you can kid yourself. The one thing you learn early in your career is, you don't think, `Oh yeah, we can get him for this.' You put in your number, going across three or four years, and you make it realistic. I think the number we have is realistic. I guess the numbers you're talking about for the young players... I don't think a lot changed (for O'Sullivan). If you're talking about the top young guys, Patrick hasn't gone to that level. If you're talking about (Corey) Perry and (Jeff) Carter and those guys. If he takes another step, God bless him, but I don't think it's fair to say he's in that range.

``The one significant one that happened in the market today was probably (David) Backes, with that offer sheet. And part of the number you use, don't forget, depends on the term. We're in good position with him in terms of our rights. Then there's a number you'd lock him in at, but you're keeping an eye on the free-agent line. But I think our number is OK. I don't think anything really changed in the free-agent market that wasn't there. (Ryan) Getzlaf was already there, and some of those guys. The other thing is, a lot of these deals are done before July 1, but some of them aren't signed and announced. So some of them don't come down until today, but we knew what those numbers were, even before the draft.''
This is Lombardi speaking about signing Patrick O'Sullivan on July 1st. They hadn't started negotiations at that point. Now i might be misunderstaning what he is saying and of course it can be interpretted any way you want, but I don't think Backes would be a name that would come up if he didn't think his number is in line with that. or, maybe he thinks Patrick is worth more but speculation is a fun thing! I had heard the Backes thing come up more than once but this is all i can find because i kind of go on memory quite a bit!

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