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09-25-2008, 03:46 PM
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Here are two quotes from our O'Sullivan contact over at He is someone who personally knows O'Sullivan and has been updating everyone over at giving his (biased) take on the O'Sullivan situation often shedding light in previous unknown tidbits from Sully's side of things.

Originally Posted by mmminc
Take it to the bank... POS new deal will reach the NHL offices by 4:00 Eastern time on the 1st of October and his press conference with the Leafs is scheduled for later that day!! See you all at FF!!
Originally Posted by mmminc
I'm a huge Leaf fan (by birth) and a huge Kings fan (POS)... hopefully Hextall's dinner with POS will get it done or let's hope "Trader Cliff" can make it happen for the Leafs.

p.s. to Carla: DL sent Hextall and Newport supported the meeting so your wish has come true.
I find his first post to be rather facetious because until something is signed... who's to say when any press conference will be held?

Either way, looks like we'll get a resolution soon. And if it's true that the Leafs are going to do it, I'd let Sully go in a heartbeat.

2 lottery tickets > 1

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