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Originally Posted by goman View Post
I believe this thought is taken from an interview Phil Esposito did, talking about playing against Bobby during his days in Chicago. Players would dump it into his corner and hit him constantly because he already had a bad knee.
Actually no but I would like to have seen that interview. It is a commonly known hockey strategy.

I did see Pat Quinn and also Harry Neale talk about it at differrent times as well.

Originally Posted by goman View Post

I believe you're suggesting there was some sort of league-wide collusion before he developed the bad knee, where every forechecking forward agreed to dump it into Bobby's corner for years and years so that eventually, if they all did it game in and game out, he'd develop problems and start to wear down.

No, I am not suggesting that there was a league-wide collusion...actually I'm not sure why you would think that.

What I am saying is that once one team was successful with that approach, others also utilized it.

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