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09-25-2008, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
Well the height difference I can see being a problem. I dated a girl that was just over 6ft in high school.

Very sweet girl, and when I got tired, she could carry me around. But the height difference was kind of awkward. Not for me, since I really don't give a **** what people think. But I could see it was for her.

Only a year younger? That's not much, I thought that you were going to say, 3 or 4 years difference.

I'm not a cradle robber *cough* H10H *cough*......

I don't know.... I guess we'll see where it's going. I don't even know what he's thinking, but you can only "accidently" grab my ass and boobs so many times....

Oh and I caved and shared a piece of chocolate cake with him.... Actually, I ate one bite and some chocolate mousse, and he ate the rest, but yeah.

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