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09-25-2008, 10:23 PM
Little Nilan
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Ricky: **** this court. **** Jim Lahey. **** Randy. **** those two idiot cops right there. **** suit dummies; as a matter of fact **** legal aid. **** Danny and Terry's Buffalo Chicken Wings. **** all the old wood in here. **** the moon, **** corn on the cob, **** squirrels. **** me, **** you, **** everything!

Ricky: Suck it Donny!
Donny: You suck it Ricky, MORE!
Ricky: What the **** kind of comeback was that? You said the same thing thing that I said, but you just added 'more' to it.
Donny: No! More! You suck it more!
Ricky: You're a ****in' dick!

Ricky: Do you want to take it to ****town Lahey? Cause that's where this is headed: Downtown ****town!
Bubbles: No Mr. Lahey, PLEASE, we don't want to go to ****town!

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