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09-26-2008, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Jaydee96 View Post
why do you talk if you didnt hear the segment of the show?

I heard the segment of the show.
TONY is the one who braught it up and said the Kosty Bros didnt see eye to eye with Grabo.

P.J just agreed to it, didnt say anything about it.

Am I saying P.J is good? NO, im not, but dont bash the guy when he didnt say anything wrong.
Okay, so I should be bashing Tony M. My ****ing bad.

Either way, the only people who know truly how things are between them are Kost bros + Grabovski...everything else is strictly heresay.

Who would they have heard this from? Definitely not from someone in the organization. Either way though, if it ain't coming from 1 of those 3, it's just as reliable as a game of broken telephone.

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