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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
I'm all for "play the kids", always have been and always will.

My roster wish list in the other thread had both Mitchell and Williams on my 4th line if I had my way. I had the youngest wish list roster as anyone including Tlusty, Grabs and Kulemin up front and Stralman, Carlo and Schenn on D.

I had Blake and Bell tossed on waivers to dispose of them to make room, and other vets traded, but you cried and complained that I can't have that and they need to stay. You have to make up your mind if your accusing me on not wanting to play the kids now as my position has never changed.

TSN panel discussed this yesterday during the game that Fletcher didn't cut it to the bone deep enough, and left too many vets standing for a team looking for a Top pick in 2009. I agree with them but then again realize some of the players staying is simply a case of no market rather than no desire to move them out.
This is a different song your singing as apposed to what you have been saying for quite some time. Why waive Bell and Blake (who may have tradeable value) when the Leafs could have avoided signing and trading for players like,

Trading Kubina for picks and prospects, which the Leafs could certainly use in a rebuild.

Rather than toss away players on waivers (there is no market, hope i'm wrong though) because Fletch got a little excited with his pen. I would like to see a young player be given the chance to prove themselves rather than be waived to accomodate a signed or traded for 4th line NHLer at a higher cost. That's essentially what Fletcher has done at this point. There will be plenty of marginal NHLers to be had on waivers, but the Leafs don;t exactly have lots of young talent on the NHL door step which deserve an opportunity. The moves Fletch has made (and in some cases didn't make) have taken that chance away from the younger players. You of all people should see that.

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