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09-27-2008, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Fan of the Vreds View Post
I was just on the Coyotes website and Daine Todd was sent down to their AHL farm team in San Antonio to start training camp there on Sunday. So this does not look good... It's also probably safe to say the other potential recruit is not coming either.
Certainly the longer it takes, the less likely Todd will be in a VReds uni, but being sent to the AHL camp without a contract, and the very high probability of only being offered a 2-way AHL/ECHL deal at best still leaves a window of opportunity open. A lot of players are too smart to play in the ECHL and decide to go the CIS route. A lot of that will depend on what kind of soft promises and sweet nothings the coaches are whispering to Todd to motivate him. I've seen players stick it out and make the AHL, and others end up regretting the decision. Who knows?

All I know is that if this is the team, they're good enough to win. I think they'll be a harder working, and definitely more physical team than last year. But they remind me a bit more of the 07 squad than the 08 squad and it'll take awhile for this team to find its true identity. UNB will once again be relying on youth as more than half the lineup are rookies or 2nd year players, a bit unusual for a team expected to be very competitive, but not unheard of. That suggests a lot of room for improvement from within.

Don't count out GMac either - he usually pulls a rabbit out of his hat at Christmas if he feels he needs something.

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