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09-27-2008, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
You call Huet our first goaltender, but it was more a question of experience and age than anything else. In practice, Huet wasn't significantly better than Price, and people were very confident about the later. You need to remember that between Huet's trade and the end of the regular season, Price was amazingly good and steady. He had, I don't remember, a 13-14 win streak at one point? It's only in the playoff that he began to have some difficulties. And Huet has never been a great goalie for us in the playoff either.
I get that Huet doesn't have the playoff reume either. I do get that. But still, it really seems to me that you guys are way too willing to accept that you "were'nt supposed to win it all" last year so let's give the young goalie some experience. Price was great down the stretch, no doubt, but clearly wasn't prepared for the pressure of the playoffs. It certainly appeared to me, by watching the Flyers/Capitals series, that Huet was. He didn't win the series, but he came a whole lot closer, with a far inferior team in front of him, than the habs did against the flyers. Let's face it, The east is wide open again this year, as it was last year. I would think, if you are on a roll, run with it, as you could just as easily be on the ouside, looking in the next year. Just My 2 cents.

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