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I'm going to be tivoing it for my brother. I had to manually set the time does 1pm to 3:50 sound about right? Probably a little long but I didn't want him to miss anything if it went to OT. Never used one of these tivo things beore, pretty handy.
I did mine until 5pm. If I were you, if you can, I'd add some time.

Originally Posted by chaosof99 View Post
In spite of the risk of being called a complete noob, could someone put into concrete terms a definition of the "Philadelphia Flu?. I often hear about it but never found a concrete explanation. So far I pieced together that other teams were afraid of playing in Philly or specifically the Spectrum in fear of the fans.
Players would claim they were sick (ie: the flu) so they wouldn't have to play against the Flyers in Philly.

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Goosebumps anyone?
Oh, yeah.

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Yeah, this is awesome.
To say the least. Clarkie's getting a heck of an ovation--very deserving.

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