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06-26-2004, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Marksman2
I does make sense... 77th>95th, Huet<Garon, and:

Unless you havent noticed Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens both play in same North Eastern division. They would never trade impact player like Bonk into rival team they will be playing six times a season. Kings knew this very well - they wanted Garon and also knew what Canadiens needed.

Not exactly first time something like this happens... remember Hackett deal Mtl/SJ/Boston?
You know what would make more sense. You play Garon this year a third or more of the games. If Garon is the quality goaltender everyone thinks he'll be, then at the end of next year you have two quality goalies. You can trade one of them (Theo or Garon).

This trade isn't gonna improve the Habs. It's gonna make them weaker. Ottawa got rid of Bonk cause as a hockey player he wasn't worth the 3.5 mil. It took A. Savard two-three years to build up the assests on this team. Something tells me, Gainey will evaporate those assests quicker than Houle.

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