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09-27-2008, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by GoldenForum View Post
If the Habs brass would have selected Angie Esposito over Max Pac during the 2007 draft. I bring this up because the French press was going a bit crazy over us not having drafted Espo despite our two first round picks that year. Thank goodness Timmins and Co. have the cajones to make the tough choices they do in this hockey market.

ps. I'm no French basher-- I'm bilingual and love Quebec's dual culture, but sometimes a minor few @%!?* in the French press (I can't even bring myself to read any of the junk La Presse's Tremblay writes) just spew some nationalist hockey banter and are, in short, clueless.

pps. Dave Perron and Giroux would have been great picks
They are still both great prospect who never even played in the NHL... wait 5-6 years and we will be more able to compare.

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