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09-27-2008, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Let's not forget the rumor that said Hossa and Hedberg were suppose to come here at the Deadline, but then Waddell screwed Gainey by raising the price at the last minute and decided to trade Hossa to Pittsburgh.
Not sure it's fair to say that the Waddell screwed Gainey. What he did was make - without a doubt - the best trade for his team.

That's his job.

And he didn't raise the price, per se. The only "shady" thing that Waddell did was tell Gainey, the night before deadline day that they had essentially agreed to a trade. In the morning, Waddell said there was a wrinkle. A new team had come in with a bigger offer that included Bobby Holik. Waddell, as a courtesy, let Gainey make a bid for a package that would have been Hossa/Hedberg/Holik.

I don't know if Gainey ever made a pitch for the three person package. Only Gainey and Waddell know that. I also don't know if there really was a team that made a bid for those three.

It appears, as the deadline closed in, if there was a team bidding on the three of them packaged together, they dropped out. (I'm speculating that the team that would have made such an offer was Ottawa.) But at this point, Waddell went back to Gainey and continued to discuss either just Hossa, or Hossa and Hedberg. Then, at the last minute, Ray Shero blew his brains out and Waddell had no choice but to accept that offer, and Gainey wisely chose to back away at that point.

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