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09-28-2008, 11:57 AM
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I was telling someone last week that Pac reminded me a bit of Mike McPhee, one of old favorites. Maybe he'll be more of an offesnive threat but a similar player. McGuire made the same comparison so I'm feeling very smart right now.

I disagree with some comments I've read here. I wasa bit dispointed in Valentenko, he seems to have the ability, but he's farther away that I expected.

Lang looked like what he is, a veteran player without that much in the tank, who still has his hands and smarts. He's insurance at C and can play a situational role, hopefully.

I expected White to be more out of place, but I thought he showed some stuff. I'd like to see him play a game with NHL'ers and see how he played at that pace.

Belle looked like he could play if required, I hope it doesn't copme to that, but there are worse players in the league.

Lats seems to play a bit angrier. He gets chirped at a lot it seems and I get the impression he's sick of it and is developing an edge. Good. I wasn't wowoed by his game, but he isn't going to lead a line so....

The Lats,Pacs', Lang's and S.Kost's who were probably expected to provide some offense last night seemed out of sync, but there hasn't been much of a chance to come together, due to injury. Ottawa had a full lineup in and I'm sure wanted to show better than Friday night.

Desjardins looked good.

I think that some guys, like Russel, young Lats, might have had their 'let's give the kid a game' chances last night.

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