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06-27-2004, 02:03 AM
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OK, it's now time to give my opinion.

First, i really think that Matt Garon is overated on this board. He played in 40 games in 4 years and many of you think that he is better than Jose Theodore and he should be no.1 goalie. IMO Garon don't have quick enough lateral movements and glove to be better than Theodore. Size is good but size isn't all. Before Garon was trade, i was thinking that Theodore should be used more often. Over 60 games. I think that Theodore need to play...a lot. For the good of the team, Garon need to be moved. Huet is a good 2nd goalie. And he know his role. Theo will feel secure, he IS THE MAN.

And we really need a big centre with size. Bonk is exactly that. He can play 2-way and have numbers similar to Richard Zednik with more assists. This is good for our offence. We still don't know where he will play. Coachs loves to juggle with their line and having 3 great centres is good! Or maybe he can play the role of a big winger to the side of Ribeiro! I agree that 3.5 millions is a lot but at least we got an interresting player. more Laflamme, Traverse, Lind, etc. Everytime Gainey make a move, the team is better. Seriously, Bonk is an incredible upgrade over Jim Dowd!!!

Some peoples are affraid of the fact that BG seems to sell all his picks. This is a true fact but we need to have a better team on the ice now. Our farm is already loaded with talented young prospects. We are no.1 in the league. BG had a plan when he signed Danis. He will probably be our backup goalie or even starter in a couple of years. So Garon was a tradable asset. Good move. The Kovalev trade was a good one too...The team learned how to win in the playoffs. And maybe we can still sign Kovy!! Anyway, don't worry, BG will not trade all of our picks. I believe!!! 1 year later our team is excellent!!!

Zednik-Koivu-Kovalev (or UFA) (international top talent)
Hossa-Ribs-Ryder (The youngs guns)
Bulis-Bonk-Higgins (this 3rd line absolutely rocks!!!)
Pleckanec-Begin-Ward (Physical and can play hockey)

Bouillon-Beauchemin (7th-8th)

Theodore (60+games)
Huet (know & accept his role)

2005-2006: Welcome Katsitsyn & Perezhogin!!!!

Conclusion: 1 or 2 players away from being a cup contender.

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