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09-29-2008, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by HamrlikTheStud View Post
Chipchura doesn't bring enough energy to be a 4th line center. This line has to be an energy line, and Chipchura is not mean enough for this task.
Just because it's labeled as a 4th line doesn't mean it has to be an energy line. The 4th line could be another offensive trio in which case I'd Pacioretty Maxwell and D'agostine, but it could also be a shutdown line especially since we don't technically have one. In my opinion Chipchura is a better overall player than Maxime(although I love Laps and hate to see him go down) but Chips is better than Laps in every asset of the game except speed. Chipchura also has better offensive awarness that Maxime.

I think I'd rather have my 4th a shutdown line than an energy line and if that is so, Chipchura is much more suited to that type of play then Lappiere is.

Defensive awarness: Chips>Laps
Offensive Awarness: Chips>Laps
Speed: Chips<Laps
Strength in the corners: Chips>Laps
Leadership: Chips>Laps
P.K: Chips>Laps
Faceoffs:Chips>Laps(Atleast what we saw in the preseason)

Imo Chips should be on this team, in an ideal world Lappiere would play wing and the line would be Lappiere Chipchura Laraque, but until Begin and Dandenault are gone I'd rather see Chips on the team than Lappiere.

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