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Originally Posted by Radek27 View Post
I'm not going to get into an insult war with you, obviously that is where you have to bring it to get your point across. Wait you didn't even do that. You don't deserve a bone. I don't want him to fail, the playoffs depend on him not failing. It's just the fact that fans are on here ready to dump Prucha for a pick and drooling over this guy just pisses me off. Zherdev can do no wrong on the board it seem yet a guy like Prucha who is HUSTLING his ass off gets chased out of town. I am entitled to my opinion even if it's not the popular one of the board, I can think for myself and not just agree with whatever is written.

When I post on the board I dont expect everyone to agree with me, but to sit here and try to insult me when you disagree is just childish. And what kind of problems do you have to get so riled up about a post on a friggin msg board? Got it, dude?
Yes Prucha hustles and what not BUT HE DOES NOT PRODUCE. And he hasnt been producing since that hit he took from Turner Stevenson a couple seasons ago in Philly. Now I'm not saying he's playing scared but it has a had a serious effect on him. He plays with heart I'll give him that, but lets face the facts the guy hasnt been able to finish, doesnt have good judgement of when to let a shot ago instead of passing which hes done too much of, he cant hit the one timer and if he does its not accurate, and he's not a game breaker.

Zherdev is all those things. I dont care if he doesnt have 5 goals because preseason means nothing in terms of production. Preseason is for getting in shape, adjusting to new teammates, and preparing for the actual season. They dont give out awards for how much you produced at the end of preseason. Zherdev is a game breaker with a TON of skill. And he has shown it with the way he has handled the puck when its on his blade. Theres a huge difference between Zherdev and Prucha, in fact Prucha shouldnt even be brought up in this thread because he nowhere near in the same league as Zherdev. Zherdev with an OK season last year STILL produced 20+ goals and 30+ assists in a system that wasnt too offensive minded and dependent on NASH. Zherdev is traded to the Rangers, a team in which is being transformed into a faster and more threatening offense which will be DEPENDENT ON ZHERDEV'S PRODUCTION. He should easily score 30+ goals and have 35-40+ assists. If he does not,...then you can gladly come on here and say whatever you like about him.

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