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10-01-2008, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
No, unlike you I can see the influence that a player of O'Donnell's stature can have on the younger players.

He is much more of a stand up guy on the ice and in the room than Schneider. He doesn't *****, he knows his role, and he sticks up for his teammates. All things that were sorely lacking in our so-called veteran leadership on the blueline last season.

So what I am saying is you might try looking beyond the W/L column for the value in this trade.
Originally Posted by Squidward View Post
Maybe you need to re-read what I wrote then.....

Basically if O'Donnell's only role is to help the young defensemen transition to the NHL then it is a good trade....but his presence alone will not prevent the Kings from finishing in the basement of the standings.
Originally Posted by Squidward View Post
I am indifferent to this trade. It will help with experience on the blue line....but it will not really affect the outcome of the season (in either a positive or negative way). So if the Kings goal is to train the young defensemen and still get another top 5 draft pick then I guess O'Donnell was a good acquisition.
Is it possible to actually agree with both of you at the same time? PO'D is a solid stay at home guy that can help provide a stable influence and needed grit. Both of which will help the development of the youngsters but add not a single win to the column. Considering that either (or both) PO'D or Preissing may be dealt at the deadline, the move is filling a need cheaply, but doesnt get any points for the Shill, because the team doesnt improve directly as a result.

Dont get me wrong, I like the pickup, although the rumored Army for McClaren deal would be more in line with my thinking. I just can't give kudo's to the Shill for a low end pick-up at a cheap price that doesnt help in the won/loss column.

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