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10-01-2008, 01:34 AM
Johnny Utah
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Just got back from the game....Entertaining...4 fights...Simmonds was the most hated guy out there from the Ducks...

Honestly....tonight there was a big difference between NHL'ers and the younger guys. Here is some of my player analysis.

Gauthier was a steady guy back there and laid his famous hip check.

Greene was also physical and looked poised. You can tell he and Gauthier were the VETS.

Labarbera was the best player on the ice and made 2-3 amazing saves.

Voinov - Impressed me....only one really bad turnover...looked like he had played agaisnt men before...laid the body and made some good plays.

Doughty - Made some nice plays...but also had a bad turnover...looked good but took a few hard checks...def can play in the NHL but needs to get bigger. Didn't do as much on the power play as I was expecting. But he can skate and move the puck and did a couple spin-o-rama's to get out of the zone and avoid checks. He does have great hockey vision.

Stoll - The best player out there besides Labs. Blocked shots, took the body hard, won face offs and has a cannon of a shot.

The Manchester kids looked ok...Purcell, Meckler, and Boyle...Meckler stood out the most this game. He is all about the forecheck.

Didn't notice Harrold that a good thing..? He reminded me of Modry this past year. One thing I noticed is that he played with Drewiske Murray put Boyle and Westgarth out to make up for there lack of size b/c they were getting creamed physically.

Westgarth impressed me not only with his TKO win over Montador but he can play...he was in on the forecheck and can throw the body.

Simmonds - Made some nice moves into the zone and a nice pass to Moulson...Dude still needs to put on weight if he is going to be fighting NHL guys.

Overall, good game...What annoyed me was when Terry Murray put Calder with Brown and Kopitar. Ugh. Calder is too slow for the new NHL and all these young guys. Westgarth looked liked he belonged...Calder didn't. The Ducks played the body I would say more than the Kings.....and they passed better...but we were just as quick. They did play Nieds, Beachumein and Huskins though.

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