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10-01-2008, 09:30 AM
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I think it's mostly the salt/electrolytes/sugar issue. I have had this same problem in the past and just drinking a lot of juice is the best solution for me.
Yes, a drop off in blood sugar will easily trigger migraines. Migraineurs are often told by doctors to eat more frequently, like breaking up their meals into 5-6 portions over the day vs 2-3.

You also should see a Neurologist who lists migraines as a specialty. There are clinical studies that indicate people with classic migraine have platelets that are "stickier" than non-migraine sufferers. Due to this factor and that blood vessel constriction precedes migraine pain (blood vessel dilation), you might be at a higher risk for blood clots. Being in a very cold environment might contribute to the constriction of blood vessels until you warm up.

Also, migraine sufferers are also overrepresented in people with mitral valve abnormalities, and with something called Patent Foramen Ovale.

Just because you have migraines does not mean you will have the above conditions, but it is a risk factor. Thus the importance of seeing a specialist who will take your case seriously and not just throw a bunch of drugs at you. It's pretty important to get a diagnosis of migraine as well, versus having some underlying condition that leads to headaches. Good luck.

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