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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
So I got a friendly "reminder" that, according to new league policy, my minor hockey league will be running an evaluation camp before the house league coaches draft teams.

I mean come on this is freekin' house league but if they want to put us through the run then fine, I'm game.

So, my real question is... what kind of stuff do they normally make you do at evaluation camps for lower level hockey? I've never actually been to one, and I haven't been to a formal hockey practice in over four years. The camp lasts for 2 and a half hours per group (age division is spit up into four groups).

Never had to do anything like it for a rec-league. If it's like any other kind of evaluation, they'll have you do a lot of skating and they'll have you scrimmage. Specific drills really depends on who's running it, but you can probably count on Russian circles (forwards and backwards, with the puck?) as that always seems to be a constant. I doubt you'll do anything like break outs or what not, because you're not playing with teammates, so think of most of the things you already know like corners and expect that it won't be much different.

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