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10-01-2008, 10:01 PM
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Goodbye, Ottawa.
October 1, 2008.

I will say right away that if Iím going back to Russia, itís only to play for the CSKA. When Iíd be able to join the team I donít know. Maybe in about two weeks, but perhaps more time needs to pass.

One thing is clear: I will not be playing for Ottawa. A lot of stuffís happened during this time. Ilja Zubov and I were sent down to the farm, prior to which I was told they were unsatisfied with the results of my tests. That was rather strange to hear, because I improved all my results from last year. And anyway, tests are one thing; playing the game is another. They didnít give me a chance to play in the exhibition games. But did give that chance to Ilja Zubov. Put him on the fourth line with the tough guysótry and prove yourself there. I donít even know whatís better; maybe, like in my case, to never take to the ice at all. And could the tests really matter that much? Especially given the fact I played on the big team last season, having worse conditioning status than I do now. Plus, players with better results were sent down. So itís not just the tests.

Only afterwards did it become known that the coach just doesnít see me on his team. Just doesnít see me there, and thatís it. He didnít explain anything to me personally, my agent was told of this, but thatís the official version. That seems a lot more like the truth, but I still donít understand why I couldnít have been given just one chance, why I was simply crossed out.

So, Iíve asked for a trade, and the General Manager of the Senators Bryan Murray has agreed. But for some strange reason itís been really dragging. Because I was supposed to have been traded last week by Friday. Then they moved the deal to Monday. But then on Monday nothing was clear again, so I wait. Now the team has left for Europe where theyíll start the season. Iím hoping everything will be settled there. For now Iím training with the farm team. But Iím not prepared to wait a long time for a deal, two weeks at most. If Ottawa canít find a deal, Iím heading to Moscow.

But then again, a lot depends on where Iíd be traded. For instance, if itís Detroit, then I can buy a ticket to Russia right away. I wonít have a chance to play for that team. I would like to get on an average team, so I can play. By the way, should the new team also send me down to the AHL, Iíll again have to think. I will find out for how long this would be. Iím not going to waste a season in the minors.

Obviously, Iím hoping everything works out in the best way. I wonít say where I would like to end up. Iíve become a bit superstitious lately. At any rate, Iím waiting now, but itís apparent now that Iím spending my last days in Ottawa.

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