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10-01-2008, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Pwnasaurus View Post
Each team gets appropriated a certain amount of $$$ to spend on players. A cap if you will. Players arbitrarily get "nominated" for bidding. Teams bid against each other in $$$ amounts for their services. If you spend xxxx amount of $$$ on Orr, you will have far less left over for the rest of your roster than your opponents. There is a lot more strategy via this method because you can nominate a player and run up the bidding on him if you think another GM is going to overspend for them and you can therefore force them to use up more of their cap than they intended. This process continues until rosters are filled.
Exactly the concept I had in mind, except I'd throw out players in blocks of 20 or so, and let them sit "on the bidding block" for probably 72 hours. Other methods would either a) cause people to miss the opportunity to bid on certain players, or b) take 35 months to complete. Blind bidding to the commish, not ebay style, so there's no idea what "high bid" is at any given time.

Pencil me in to commish this in MLD10 if there's any interest.

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