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10-02-2008, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by ColonelForbin View Post
WHY was Ottawa better? They were significantly less impressive on paper than in the 05-06' season, yet their result was much improved? What other variables could be involved in that, that made them better? Yeah they were on a "hot streak", but that isn't just a random occurance. They beat the Sabres to pucks. They simply out-worked them.

I really don't understand your logic. No one discussing the team on a message board is an NHL athlete. Everyone here is a "couch sitter" by comparison. Sometimes pro-sports teams play below their potential because they are out-hustled. It happens. It's pretty absurd that you consider that possibility "annoying".
No whats absurd is you inability to grasp what a physical player in the NHL is. Combined with your lack of understanding of how not having enough size and physical players are what did the Sabres in the 07 playoffs not laziness.

The Sabres were small and not very physical going into those 07 playoffs. Teams had begun to play the trap or variations of it to slow down their offense. It forced a team that relied on speed and finesse to get caught in a dump and chase game more often than not. Something they were ill equiped to handle. But their speed and skill on offense was enough to get them by when the few opporutinites to run and gun presented themselves in the first two rounds. But Ottawa had just as much speed as Buffalo so that advantage was negated. The Sens were also bigger and more physical. So they pounded the Sabres defense night after night. They were able to overwhelm them as the series went on.

The Sabres weren't "lazy" in those playoffs. They were forced to play outside their comfort zone because teams would try to take away their skating room with the trap. Ottawa took it one step further by punishing them physically.

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