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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I came up with it after you asserted in a post that Paille and Stafford should be able to be like Grier. They just had to be more willing to use their bodies and they could be like Grier. Then made the bizare statement that Grier being 20lbs heavier didn't seem to matter since he was only an inch or so taller.

You basically dismiss physical play to being nothing other than effort. You're not the only one on this board that does this. Where in reality its a skill like any other in hockey. Like shooting, skating and passing each player is at a certain skill level. Working at it a player can get better but will not get to the level of someone thats a natural. That applies to any skill.

What bad habits developed with success am I ignoring? The Sabres had the right mix in 05-06. They had just enough size, physical players and worker bees to play a dump and chase game if that was needed as well as absorb another teams physical play.

When those players leave and are not replaced with similar players. Why are you shocked that the team can't play the same way anymore?

Is it bad habits or not having the right mix of players? I would argue its not having the right mix.

That gets back to the above. They majority of the team were players that don't really play that way (following through on hits). So to expect them to all play outside of there usually game is a tad unrealistic.

As for the bad passing decisons that gets into the discussion on how teams played against them. Much of that came about because of various defensive postures opposing teams took. Combined with the physical play from those teams forced many of our players (especially dmen) to rush their passes.

I agrre but I still point to the reason being the smaller Sabres being ground down over the course of the playoffs. Thats a lot different than being lazy.

The only time I ever heard the Sabres refered to the hardest working team in hockey was when Nolan was here.

As for talent, they 05-06 team was deeper, bigger and more physical than the 06-07 version.
There's a lot here, all good points by the way. I bolded the part that I think gets to the main point of the argument.

I certainly agree that's true to some extent. I guess we disagree about the ratio (for lack of a better word) natural talent and effort play in physicality. The Sabres need more of both. They need to look to bring in another guy that fits that mold, and they also need more out of the guys they already have.

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