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Originally Posted by ColonelForbin View Post
There's a lot here, all good points by the way. I bolded the part that I think gets to the main point of the argument.

I certainly agree that's true to some extent. I guess we disagree about the ratio (for lack of a better word) natural talent and effort play in physicality. The Sabres need more of both. They need to look to bring in another guy that fits that mold, and they also need more out of the guys they already have.
I'm not sure what you mean with the bolded.

I'm just saying each player has a certain level of ability at skating, shooting, passing and physical play. The ones naturally gifted at any of those things are usually going to be the best ones at those things. Being really good at one does not preclude the ability to be really good at any of the others btw. Iginla being an example of a player thats good in all areas.

The guys who are "naturals", or as Jflory put it were wired to be physical, are the guys that don't have to think about it they just do it. That mentality and instinct can't be taught. Its not unlike a great passer that can see the ice better than other players or a great shooter who just reacts when the puck is on their stick. Those instincts can't be taught. They are just talents/instincts these players have.

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