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Originally Posted by HockeyF3ind View Post

If I was Ryder I'd consider it a compliment, its a testement to the fact that many Habs fans noticed his departure, and are consequently bitter about it. OR it could be the same reason that Crosby gets booed and taunted...because Habs fans think he's good and want to throw him off his game. I think Ryder's response to it, and expectation of it happening makes these points clear.
He's not an idiot....That's all a load a ********. People booed him because they know nothing about class and respect plain and simple. Because they have short memories and because they think he sucks. They are happy he left and dont think he's good.

He had an awefull season last year but you can bet it was not intentional and that if he had the choice he would have liked to score 50 goals and get 100pts. He was benched and never complained in the media and still kept a smile and didnt drag the team down with bad attitude. Just for that he should have been applauded or at the very least for his 99 goals in 4 years.

That guy still has many friends on this team and it's a safe bet they were disgusted and asked them selves if they'll be dismissed that easily.

This team is all about class and respect. Too bad half the fan base has no idea what the words mean. All they do is get pissed off when someone brings it up...sad.

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