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10-02-2008, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by znk View Post
See...exactly what I was saying. As soon as we try to do a little introspection on the fans it turns in to "WTF we are perfect we never do anything wrong. What kind of stupid BS is this!"

If I'm Chris Higgins and Ryder is my friend last night I was pissed at the fans and I ask my self "will they discard me just like that too?". If I'm Ryder and a UFA friend inquires about the team I tell him to stay away...the fans are ungreatful and discard like dirty toilet paper once they are done with you. A bunch of spoiled brats to think they deserve everything.
And what kind of stupid BS is this so say that I've mentioned that we are perfect and do nothing wrong when in my post you'll find things like: this is not the classiest building, we know that. We do. OR how passionnate the fans can be (with the ups and the downs of their "passion") OR But with passion comes stupid and intelligent reactions. We already know that we do have a minority who are not the sharpest fans, booing our own players and booing other players.

Why would you disregard the points that totally contradicts what you're saying about how I see this? I wouldn't boo anybody, I never did, would not do it. I'm talking that in a crowd it doesn't take a lot of people to get some others going. The larger the crowd is, the smallest their intelligence, this is just a well-known fact. So again, we're not the classiest, but didn't we know that already? Didn't we talk about it already?

But for a Higgins that would wonder how he'll be treated 'cause his buddy Ryder was booed last night, there's a Plekanec who will be happy to know that a player who gave is all and was really loved 'cause of his stats and his effort on the ice like Chelios, after all these years, had a chilling impressive ovation last year. Again, Ups and downs of a passionnate crowd.

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