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10-02-2008, 10:56 AM
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Some people seem to see hockey (and professional sports) as some sort of show, like a concert or a movie. I pay money I want to be entertained. Players are just mercenaries that do their stuff to get paid.

Others see pro sports it as...almost some sort of competition/war. It's us against them. It's normal to hate the other team and make eveything you can do (legally) to have your team win.

The million dollar question: Does booing players in the other team help your team ? The answer seems to be yes. Briere and Chara had bad (as in less great) performances when booed. Also, booing the foe comes together with cheering for your team - and we had some great cheering moments last season.

Therefore, since the answer is yes, then the ones to blame should be the fans in other places that do not boo their opponents. They do not do what they can to help their team, other then paying the entry fee. If you consider your team as part of your family, and not just a group of mercenary entertainers, then booing the opponent is not only accepted, but requested.

I was tired of reading that other teams find it exciting to come and play at the Bell Center because of the crowd. They should not. They should hate it.

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