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10-03-2008, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Radek27 View Post
I'm not going to get into an insult war with you, obviously that is where you have to bring it to get your point across. Wait you didn't even do that. You don't deserve a bone. I don't want him to fail, the playoffs depend on him not failing. It's just the fact that fans are on here ready to dump Prucha for a pick and drooling over this guy just pisses me off. Zherdev can do no wrong on the board it seem yet a guy like Prucha who is HUSTLING his ass off gets chased out of town. I am entitled to my opinion even if it's not the popular one of the board, I can think for myself and not just agree with whatever is written.

When I post on the board I dont expect everyone to agree with me, but to sit here and try to insult me when you disagree is just childish. And what kind of problems do you have to get so riled up about a post on a friggin msg board? Got it, dude?
prucha has been here for three years, he shouldnt have to be needing to make the team, after his rookie season he was expected to be on the team and be a consistent goal scorer, last year even though he didnt get powerplay time he really shot himself in the foot.

zherdev had a good year last year, has young, being only 23, he has awesome talent, and im pretty excited about him, hes played very well this whole preseason but remember its just that, PRESEASON. prucha hasnt been as much of a contributor as zherdev has to the preseason games. pruchas had one really good game so far and that was really it. (that ive seen, idk how he did overseas). and zherdev is actually going to be playing with guys who can play with him and keep up with him, which will help him develop even more. im looking for a year like he had last year from him but if he can deliver even more then that i would be willign to say that we stole him from columbus.

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