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10-03-2008, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by GNick42 View Post
Or rework the deal and go for Bouwmester...Would Tender, Chips, Bouillon and maybe Fisher get us Bouwmeester?
Unless Bob really pulls a wool over someone's head in Florida, there is no way that Tender would be the centre piece to get JBo.

1. Florida already has a bonafide NHL power forward in Nathan Horton who may be ready to score 40-50 goals this year.

2. Florida has another power forward in Anthony Stewart who looks like he will finally stay the whole season with the big club.

3. Florida has yet another power forward type in Shawn Matthias.

In other words, they don't need another power forward back for Jay Bouwmeester even IF Bob can sweet talk Florida into trading him.

I would think that Florida would want back another potential #1 d-man who can move the puck like Ryan McD + perhaps some of the others that you mentioned and/or draft picks.

And for Jay Bouwmeester (a young, stud mobile defenseman who can skate faster sideways than Mariusz Czerkawski on a breakaway and plays upwards to 30 minutes a game in all situations!), who's just on the verge of breaking out offensively, (yes, he's only 25 STILL!!!) I would do a trade like that in a second!!!

But unless Florida's hand is forced, there is no way they would...not only that it looks like JBo is intent on trying out the free agent route, hence his signing for 1 year only before his UFA.

So even if Bob does get JBo at a high price, he'll most likely walk the next year...which means that CH are paying for JBo just for a run at the Cup...which may not be a bad thing...but is this what everyone really wants?

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