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06-28-2004, 02:34 PM
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to tell you the truth, after the 2002-2003 season, i was almost sure that Theo was done and that the salary given to him was the main reason for his sucking. But i remained optimistic for 2003-2004. The reason i remained optimistic was because i myself, along with plenty of other people including Jose, knew that Theo had a very busy offseason the season before 2002-2003 since he had just won the hart and vezina he was in high demand for interviews and commercials and everything.

Theo said it himself to the press that he knew he didn't have a good season and he explained that he was stretched thin during the summer and didn't really get any time off for himself to wind down from the previous season.

so during the 2002-2003 season, he sucked mainly because he couldn't get in the rythm of things. So once 2002-2003 passed he vowed to come back stronger last year which he did IMO.

He started training for last season at the end of the summer.(late july) which IMO was good as well because this way, he had time off for himself but also kept himself in shape. He realized that slacking off in the offseason is a big mistake. He realized that most players gain ground on others during the offseason when everyone else is off goofing off.

Once i heard in the summer of 2003 that theo had already began training i was like "here it comes guys, Theo will have a solid season next year no matter how the team in front of him plays" and thats exactly what happened. He DID have a solid season and the stats prove it.

The only thnig i'm concerned about is his playoff performances. Theo had a slow start in both the carolina, and boston series in 2001-2002. In the boston series, he finished off with a couple of strong performances and he crumbled just like the team in front of him vs carolina in teh second half of the series vs them.

Lets fast forward to this years playoffs, Theo once again had a slow start vs teh Bruins. Serously though, any shot the bruins took he looked nervous stopping them. In the long run, Theo had but only a couple of solid performances vs the bruins this year and they were games 6 and 7. When we really needed it , he stepped up.

I think he did well vs tampa considering how the team was unable to cope with tampas speed and their "always attack" strategies.

Having said ALL of this, cause this is becomnig a little long winded, i think that Theo is a definit top 10 goalie but his playoff performances bring his value down quite a lot. i think though, that once the Habs become regulars in grabbing a playoff spot that Theo will get better and will learn the curve in nets when it comes to the playoffs. the reason why i think he'll get better is simple. games 5-6-7 when we really needed him to be there and on top of his game he was.

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