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10-03-2008, 11:16 AM
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The whole communication thing has been overblown. It's why I love the McGuire quote back in December, where he talked about how John Torterrella was a fantastic coach because behind the scenes he was everyone's friend, while Carbo is stone cold and callous. Eventually, Torts lost his locker room (a disappointment; we need more people telling Brooksie to **** off) while Carbo got robbed for the Jack Adams.

The closer you get to your team, the less likely you are to reign down on them for screwing up. You need to be on the top of your game at all times and not feel pity or any lack of judgment. Theres a reason why when teams leave the choice of new coach up to the players, they always select the team loving assistant coach. If Carbo got fired, the team would likely say Muller should be the next head coach. And while nothing against Captain Kirk, I don't think he could show the same intensity that Carbo has.

Carbonneau has really grown as a head coach. He wasn't perfect when he came in, but he learned and slowly his decisions have become stronger and stronger. My favourite part of chats was when people would go, "WHY THE HELL DID CARBO PUT OUT THAT LINE!? YOU STUPID IDIOT, PUT OUT THE... oh, we scored".

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