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10-03-2008, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by SpreeEndaz View Post
Counter-arguing by pointing out exceptions is such a sophist approach. Yes, there is many exceptions but in general, the salary gives you a good idea of the player's worth. Nevertheless, there's always factors that could influence that too as the UFA market pool for the upcoming summer of the signing and so on.
Funny, you pay attention to my examples but ignore the several factors I mention.

My examples were to point out team specific reasonings to why contract amount does not equal who is better than another player. It's never "Player A did X more than Player B, therefore Player A deserves Y more than Player B".

Scoring aside, Mike Komisarek is one of the most valuble players to this club. When you combine his blocked shots and hits, not a single team has a defender like Mike Komisarek, and more importantly, no-one has a defender like Mike Komisarek at age 25.

When it comes to blueliners who hit and block shots, Mike Komisarek is the best in the league and likely has another 10-15 years of his career left. The market will reflect that.

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