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Originally Posted by CH4THECUP View Post
You would love to hear my issue?

here it is: The guy didn't score anymore, then got benched, then got put in the stands.

Have you ever saw an interview where he looked mad, pissed, even frustrated of his performances? no, never said I am going to work my ass off that slump, doing extra practice etc... Always said things like: it's going to come back, I'm not lucky etc...

Smiling after a loss piss me off

Smiling in the press box when we are loosing piss me off even more.
that is, IMO, his attitude problem.
So your preference would be for him to become a distraction, much like Sergei Samsonov. Even though the team was winning, leading the conference in fact, you would like him to be pouting aroudn the Bell Centre and giving interviews where he complained and got angry, all of which would have been magnified and blown out of proportion by the ravenous Montreal media. That's what you want?

You think his attitude sucked because ... he had no attitude? He put the good of the team ahead of his personal issues?


By your defintion Michael Ryder had a lousy attitude and Sergei Samsonov had a good one?

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