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Originally Posted by frankthefrowner View Post
lol soooo we havent "gel'd"

But the completely revamped Lighting with an entirely diffrent defensive group atleast 3 completely diffrent lines is going to be a power house?...Hmmmmmmm
Correct. Rangers have chemistry troubles in the start of the seasons because of the changed rosters, but a Tampa Bay team that has exchanged just as many players bonds together in 15 minutes becomes a "power house". Hold the horses and stop the coach.

They need just as much time as Rangers to find their groove with their new squad and I expect Tampa to have it tough in the start of the season, just as us.
Originally Posted by ImmortalRanger View Post
Whats all this im hearing about kopro storming out after not getting picked?
Then that's news to me and many else. As far as I know, Prucha plays, Korpedo plays, Sjöström, Rissmiller and Fritsche doesn't. Why Fritsche doesn't get the chance, I don't know.

In other news, Rangers players had a full scale riot between around 150 Croatians football fans (Dynamo Zagreb) and about 70 policemen outside their hotel.
- It was chaos outside the hotel and it was just for us to keep away, says Henrik Lundqvist.
- It was a full fight everywhere.
- Some were curious and went out to have a look, but then they ended up in the middle of the rain of stones and bottles, says Näslund.

The fight started when the police were about to arrest two Zagreb fans for making nazi salutes and urinating on the town square. Then the other fans attacked. Two policemen were injured in the confrontation and nine Zagreb supporters had to be taken to the hospital for their injuries. The Swedes in Rangers were never in danger.
- No, for our part it was cool. We kept away, says Henke.
Sather also confirms what he's said earlier. If Sundin want to play in NYR, he'll make room for him.
... - Yes, we want him here if he decides to keep playing in NHL. I think Rangers would be perfect for him, says Sather...
... - But I both think and hope he will do it (make up his mind) during the autumn. And then we want him to play for the Rangers, says Glen Sather
But will you fit him in under the cap roof (Rangers have $2 million left to spend right now)?
- If he wants to come here, I'll fix it.
That's a straight answer from Rangers' general manager who wants to see Sudden play on Broadway already this winter. He's among Sudden's big fans.
- No one can question what he has done in this league. He's one of the greatest.
What can the Rangers offer that no one else can?
- Alot. He won't have to travel as much as we're in a good spot geographically. New York is also a city where he can be more anonymous off the rink.
Have you spoken with him personally?
- No, but we have some contacts through his former agent Mike Barnett who works for us nowadays...

... When Vancouver put their giant bid on Sudden earlier this summer - 20 million USD for two years - it was supposed that he would play with Näslund.
- Yes, when I spoke with Vancouver they explained they wanted me to stay if Mats Sundin arrived, Markus tells us.

When Sudden couldn't leave a decision, neither did Markus Näslund receive a new contract offer. Despite that his own agent Mike Gillies became the new GM for Canucks.
- But there's no bitterness between me and the franchise, says Markus. I knew early they would like to build for the future and when the deal with Sundin didn't become reality, I wanted to seek my own challenges myself...
... - Yes, it would be fantastic if Sudden came here. He's a great player that no one would say no to. But first he has to decide if he wants to keep playing, says Markus.

An interesting autumn is about to come - even off the ice.

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