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10-04-2008, 11:22 AM
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re: question about my new skates


Find a quality hockey retailer that does "contouring" for skates in your area. IMPORTANT: Talk directly to the person doing the contouring. Generally I find CCM (and associated brands) skates to be more "forward" leaning than Bauer or Graf so this seems to be somewhat unusual. I would have them check the skates for the current blade angle. There may be a problem with the holder, current setup, etc.

"Contouring" is a process whereby they re-shape the blade through grinding and sharpening. You will lose some blade mass in the process but they will be able to adjust the angle of attack for your skates. There is a numbering system (which I really don't understand) for adjustment of the angle from neutral to either forward or back (positive or negative). The person you are dealing with should be able to explain this to you. If they can't I would find another retailer to deal with.

I had this done with my last pair of skates (Bauer 5000) and it made a huge difference in terms of the feel and performance.

Generally, the cost is around $20-$30 for both skates.

Good Luck

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