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Originally Posted by King Blazer View Post
I'm meeting up with some friends there this afternoon. We'll spend some time watching them do drills. That gets pretty boring after a while though. I'll give you a quick recap of today's camp even though it hasn't happened yet. All of the forwards and most of the defensemen can stop and start facing in both directions. Looks to be a decent crop of players this season. None are NHL ready and that's why they've been assigned to the AHL. More than one will be called up to the Kings at some point. Some sooner than others...

No, this isn't the first time practice or camp is open to the public. It happens on occasion. For example, during the lockout season camp was open to the public as well. It depends on if the circus (really) is in town or not. If the Monarchs are practicing at the VWA, public no can go. If the elephants are taking huge steaming dumps at center ice of the VWA, the Narchs are elsewhere and public is good to go. The elephants are here...

I realize there is a long list of prospects at camp. A few years ago the names were Rullier, Seeley, Clark, Petiot, etc. Not much difference in this group than any previous seasons EXCEPT for during the lockout season. The names change but the level remains relatively the same. Somewhat younger in recent years...

LOL about Werner. The guy signed for a case of Keystone and a carton of Basic butts...

Taylor was within about 20-mins of setting the Monarchs all time shutout streak for a goalie last season and Lombardi and Hextall had him banished to the press box before he could absolutely embarrass them both. He is not in any competition for anything Kings related...

In general, there is NO competition between the prospects at the Monarchs camp. They all have contracts, they're all going to play plenty of minutes. They practice all week and play on weekends all season. That's the drill and the players that have been through a season know how it works. They've all already "made" the team...
Yeah, some of the guys have made the team already, and the team is a bit thin at forward with Cliche, Clune, and Zeiler all injured. As far as the defense you have mentioned previously, I'm not sure I want to categorize them in the same drawer as DL's picks. You can be jaded about the team, but I like this years defense better than last years defense. Actually better than the past two years. Kidd, Drewiske, Martinez and Voinov are all better than what we had the majority of last year. Campbell has looked good in camp, and hopefully this will mean the end to Bagnall who I think is an average AHL defenseman.

BTW, has Brady Murray shown up at camp?

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