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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
AH yes, I have a a big George fantasy also.
Yep right in Boston, Chara and George have at it.
The crowd is wild, but with every punch big George knocks Chara and the crowd roar diminishes, once, twice, three times until Mighty Chara is on his knees and you can hear a pin drop in that massive arena.
Big George stands over a beaten Chara as Chara begs for mercy from his knees, Chara's desperate words reverberating through the dead silent arena. " Please stop,I beg of you, please stop"
George looks over to his bench and Carbo gives him the signal to stop.
Chara is taken off the ice a broken man.
I thought you were going to say, chara is on his knee and begs for mercy, george looks over to his bench and carbo gives him the signal... and then George twist chara's nose until it bleeds like mr miyagi in karate kid and then chara looks like michael jackson !

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