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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Yeah fella, you have no clue at all do you. Fluke assists ha. Did he not win the faceoff clean creating a chance? Thats possibly the most stupid thing i have heard all year. He doesn't PK because he doesn't have too. We have a big range of players that can do it so why should we put a horrible defensive player out there. Are you retarded? So if briere has 150 assists next year and they are all "flukey" are you going to moan?
I say stupid things?

He does not go into corners because he does not have to, he does not play D because he does not have to, he does not PK because he does not have to, he does not throw checks because he does not have to (actualy I do not hold this one against him he is small). How about playing with some spank? Nope, he does not have to. How about hustling like Brian Gionta who is also small.. Nope he does not have to.

So what does he have to do? He was ****ing booed in W center last season. I wonder why was that? You are one delusional fan. All I heard yesterday was Mike RIchards this and Mike Richards that before Danny scored that ES goal.

Briere was a much better player before he came here and as a fan I want to see effort especially against Devils.

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