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10-05-2008, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Where did I stated that the Habs want to move him? I made a prediction that Chips, HIMSELF, might want to move? Why? 'Cause despite the numerous UFA's next year, are we going to be in a rebuilding mode? I don't think so. If not, who will be centering the 3rd and 4th next year. Let's say we don't re-sign Lang, are we seriously considering moving Lapierre up on the 3rd? He has no hockey sense on the 4th, imagine on the 3rd...if not Chipchura will then go from the minors to the 3rd? Possible but I don't think it will happen, we might want to stick with the identity of having 3 offensive lines makes up search for another centerman if Lang doesn't comeback. If so, where does Chipchura fits in there...another battle with Lapierre for the 4th.....and we'll know who win.

The only chance Chipchura has, in my opinion, is if they wake up and make Lapierre a winger. Cause as young as Chip is, Lapierre is not that old either. And Chip needs a 4th line spot to start his career in the NHL so he can after graduate in the 3rd which I think it would be his ceiling. Until Lapierre is there and at center, and until we keep our 3 offensive lines rolling, there's no room for Chip. But of course the Habs want to keep him, he still is their best insurance policy at that position.
Chipchura has absolutely no say in this regard... he could do a Grabovski and get everyone angry, plus getting a bad rep, but I highly doubt he's this kind of person.

He's still part of the future, we'll see what Lapierre will do (I personally like Lapierre as the center of the 4th line... I want them to be an energy line, not a scoring one... him, Begin and Laraque/Kosto will be a major pain in the ass for the other teams) and he might bump him if he can't deliver, just like SK did last year with Grabovski and Ryder.

Chipchura has to earn a spot by being better than the others and proving he can bring something else that the coach want. So far, Chips's good at everyting, but great at nothing, he'll have to find a way to be more than what he is right now... Personally, I see his niche as a shutdown center, so he has to become one... work harder in the defensive zone, cut down on the mistakes and improve drastically in PK abilities.

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