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10-05-2008, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
I think you are forgetting how he played in playoffs. He played center and played well. Which means he can do it.
1-No where did I say he can't play center. In fact, I was one of the few here who wanted to see him stay at center.

2-More importantly, I think you disputed your own point. You admitted he played well in the playoffs, he had three points, including a goal, last night. I think you may be setting your expectation of Briere a wee bit too high. I really don't know what you expect of him.

Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
I say stupid things?

He does not go into corners because he does not have to, he does not play D because he does not have to, he does not PK because he does not have to, he does not throw checks because he does not have to (actualy I do not hold this one against him he is small). How about playing with some spank? Nope, he does not have to. How about hustling like Brian Gionta who is also small.. Nope he does not have to.
I disagree, I think Briere often plays with a lot a spunk for someone his size.

So what does he have to do? He was ****ing booed in W center last season. I wonder why was that? You are one delusional fan. All I heard yesterday was Mike RIchards this and Mike Richards that before Danny scored that ES goal.
Flyers fans are tough, no doubt about it. I love them for it. Danny hit a rough patch in the middle of the season and got booed for it. But you need to take into consideration the revolving door of linemates he had during that stretch. Early in the season when he had the consistency of playing with Gagne, Briere did well. Late in the season and in the playoffs, he had the consistencey of playing with Prospal, Briere did well. Again, he is just getting to learn his linemates. Forget Buffalo, Briere's own history in Philadlephia proves that when he has at least one consistent winger with him, he will excel.

Briere was a much better player before he came here and as a fan I want to see effort especially against Devils.
Briere played a whopping two pre-season games at a position he is not entirely used to. Let's give him some time to get familiar with a new position and somewhat new linemates before we send him off to the firing squad.

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