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Originally Posted by Iwishihadacup View Post
he's a mindless drone of the anti-koivu scheme, he thinks that without koivu in the last 13 years, the habs would have won 14 cups, ended the lockout and conquered the universe

I have always said that Koivu is the perfect second-line center. The best player on the Habs roster in the last decade because they had none better. The captain because they had none better too. Now, other players are surpassing him. He"s gonna be a UFA next July.

Don't try to see more than what I wrote at the top of this thread.

It was a trade PROPOSAL. Nothing else. No more frivoulous or intelligent than 99% of the proposals on this board.

Anyway, you can't touch the name of Saku Koivu on this board without being flamed to death, GROW UP FOLKS !

Who was the last Habs player to play his whole carreer in Montreal ? Even Gainey - when he was asked about Saku's contract - said that he would not sign him during the season.

And for those who don"t want to read my opinion, Just put me on your IGNORE LIST.

Thank you very much !

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