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10-05-2008, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by BJCOLLINS View Post
well, again that was not the point in the post but since you'd like to discuss it...... off the top of my head: Wings-Lilja/ Flyers-Parent/ Pens-Sydor Minny-M-A-Bergeron/ Flames-Warrener/ Ducks-McIver.......................

IMHO your 7th D should bring something to the game even if it comes with limited minutes i.e. toughness, offence, stay at home D or a vet who can step in and play a simple (get it out of our zone) D. What I see from #71 is the odd outlet pass followed by 4 bonehead plays. Add to that Hammer makes up for half of his mistakes.

Add to that a #7 D should be able to step in and play on the 3rd D pairing. Breeze-by would be even more of a liability if he had to play on our third pairing.
Lilja played 79 Games averaging 18min on ice...
MA Bergeron was used regularly in Anaheim as well
Sydor played 74Games..I wouldn't take him over Breezer and he was used as a regular
Parent played 22Games
Warrener is horrible, Breezer is better

7th Dman don't usually play 70+ games, or keep a regular spot on the roster.
Breezer is as good as it gets for a 7th D. Accept it or not, but its true.
Taking a young prospect for a 7th D is the worst thing you can do for his development. He needs a spot in top6 to develop regularly.

Like you said, you want your 7th D to bring something, Breezer brings his PP touch.
Brisebois is not the best Defensive D, no 7th D is going to be a very good Defensive D because they wouldn't be 7th if that were the case.
I think you have way too high expectations for a 7th D.
Breezer is as good as it gets for that role.

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