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10-05-2008, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by alienanton View Post
with the team you guys have, i can see why you wouldn't 'miss' him per say.

however, in the pre-season games so far he has been our best centerman by far and maybe even our best player overall.

he's small, but fearless. he falls down a lot, but works his ass off to get back in the play.

he's also scored 4 goals i believe.

over in leafs nation, we essentially saw him as a wellwood replacement, but he has been wellwood x2.
lol. the ever famous 'however'. i like grabbo, but there was no place for him on the habs. none. he isn't a 3rd line center on a team with two (already) fast skilled centers, and he's too small for the wing, on a team with (already) many fast skilled wingers. i'm glad he's worked out for you guys so far. i have watched about four leaf pre-season games and i wouldn't necessarily say he's been as dynamite as you say. he's had some highlight reel goals and he's also been highly invisible at times. his D zone play remains very suspect, but he is a good acquisition for you guys. if he's asked to play O and not D you'll be fine. i guess the real question is, are the leafs that bad that his skill set is magnified by much of the slow, much less skilled abundance around him.

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