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10-05-2008, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by vipergtsr404 View Post
Remember back when we had Oleg Petrov getting 60 points because we stunk so bad we had to use him on our first line .... Now we don't and guys like Grabovski that aren't good enough for top end teams get a chance to forge careers in bottom dweller cities. much like guys like Petrov did for us.

will we miss him of course not but tons will argue what he would've done for us when he gets huge minutes in Toronto and as a result puts up decent numbers.... what they will forget however in their argumant is that there was no way Grabovski was ever gonna make it in Montreal because he just wasn't good enough. if this was ten years ago he was good enough then cause we stunk.
Agreed 100%....

He will put up way more points in toronto then he ever could have done with us... doesn't mean we miss him.

We wouldn't have got the same production out of him if he was here cause we couldn't give him those minutes... nor would we want to.

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