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10-05-2008, 10:55 PM
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Didnt know people like u were out there

Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
I'm happy with cablevision's service.... Quite happy....

They just added 12 new HD channels too.. It was about time...

I don't see how anyone could knowingly switch to a cable provider that doesn't carry MSG... Can you even get NHL Center Ice through FIOS? If the answer is no, that's unacceptable.
I think your the only one in the tristate area that has good things to say about cablevision. You dont have constant equipment failures? I have went through 4 DVR boxes (wich sucks b/c u loose all your recordings when they crash), 2 regular boxes and 3 modems in the last year. My tv's constantly pixelate out and my on demands dont work (they are all choppy). They have the nerve to charge me over $260 a month

cant waite till FIOS!!! comes to town

FIOS has MSG and MSG+ just not MSGhd MSG+HD thats the problem everyones. Center ice and the NHL network are also availabe on FIOS.

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