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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
Who told you this crock of BS??? I'm not trying to argue with you, but rather share the truth about the networks. While I don't doubt your own personal experience with verizon, you are misinformed about the reasoning. First, cablevision and verizon both work off a fiber optic network. Secondly, Unless verizon came out to your house and ran fiber into your tv, your point is meaningless. A signal can only travel as fast as the slowest link on the network. No matter how fast fiber gets info to your house, the line into your tv is the bottleneck. Same thing with internet, maybe they run fiber for your internet, but your only as fast as 1)the network card in your computer, 2)the rj45 connecting you to the modem, etc...
The like to drop words like fiber to wow people, but its alot of crap

Thats just plain wrong. First the fiber lets them offer far faster internet speeds. Second, copper is a loss over distance medium. So while fiber is run to the node on Cablevision it is run to the house on FiOS. That distance copper is running to your house from the node causes significant loss in the bandwidth carrying capabilities of the copper. OTOH, the distance it is running in your house carries minimal loss.

Second, it is a known fact, and I mean fact, that FiOS has better PQ than Cablevision. Digital TV is split in QAM frequencies. The more channels you stuff on a frequency(6mhz) the worse it gets. FiOS puts 2 HD channels on a frequency, while Cablevision generally puts 3. Thats not a perfect estimate because they might mix SD and HD channels and not all channels are over compressed on Cablevision(MSGHD and YESHD are not). Versus is, the PQ is significantly worse on it than when I am up at school with TWC in Albany. Essentially though, fios passes whatever they get from the provider whereas Cablevision takes it and often recompresses it.

Check out avsforum, its where I learned all this stuff.

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